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A Guide to Ami Shroyer

Human beings must go through the process of losing a loved one when it happens. Many people have had the misfortune of feeling what it feels like. Ami Shroyer comes to mind, since she lost her unborn child, and shortly after watched as her husband died too. It is something no one wishes others to have to experience. Unfortunately, we all have to go at some point. Our loved ones will feel it deep in their hearts and souls. They need to be prepared when it comes to pass.

There are many stages and variables that accompany the loss of a loved one where attempting to cover it all is not an easy task. You can, however, get advise on a few things that you can do when such a thing occurs. There are those that should work for most people.

You need to spare some time to express what you feel about the loss. Grief and sadness cannot be separated from such a loss. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions you currently are. Suppressing them is never a good idea.

You need to let such emotions out in the open. Keep your feelings honestly. Neither should you feel ashamed to be in that state. In case you feel like crying, do so. Crying will make you feel some relief. You therefore need to cry as much as you need to.

Look for someone you can trust, and share your feelings with them. It could be a family member or a friend. Let them know how much you love and miss the person who passed on. Share the fun times you had with them.

You also need to accept what you are feeling at this time. Your emotional state is just as important in such scenarios. When you acknowledge them, you will feel much better.

You can also look for people who are in a similar position. It Sometimes helps to be around such people when you know they understand what you are going through well enough. You should therefore join a bereavement group where you are.

Those who get to a point where the grief is enormous enough to prevent them from performing their normal life duties, then they have to seek professional help immediately. This should not be stigmatized, as it is only a good way of getting your life back on track.

Feeling too much grief can push someone to do things they should not be doing. They are not things that can bring any good. Some will bury themselves with work to shut out any pain. Others end up turning to substance abuse. They need to be shown what to do in such times, so that they are not consumed by their grief and loss.
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